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Creating a Mailing List for eAnnouncer

eAnnouncer can accept Comma Separated Value (.CSV) or Tab Delimited (.TXT) files for mailing lists.  The only difference between these 2 file formats is that one uses a comma, and the other uses the tab character as the field delimiter.  The first line in a mailing list contains the names of the fields.  Here is an example mailing list using the CSV format:

John Doe,jdoe@hotmail.com
Mary Smith,msmith@yahoo.com
Alex Bell,a_bell@abcdomain.com

This example mailing list has 2 fields: Name and E-Mail.  Mailing lists are required to have a field name containing the text "E-Mail".  This field will be used as the "To:" e-mail address when sending the message.  This example has 3 records, so 3 e-mails would be sent when using this mailing list.

Blank lines and lines beginning with "//" will be ignored.  Here is the same mailing list using comments:

// This mailing list is for notifying
// all customers of Product ABC
// about the new release of version 4.5.

John Doe,jdoe@hotmail.com
Mary Smith,msmith@yahoo.com
Alex Bell,a_bell@abcdomain.com

If any field needs to contain the delimiter character (comma or tab), use double quotes around that field.  For example:

John Doe,$450,jdoe@hotmail.com
Mary Smith,$530.75,msmith@yahoo.com
Alex Bell,"$1,300",a_bell@abcdomain.com

Notice the $1,300 has a comma in it, so it is surrounded by double quotes.  The double quotes are not part of the field, and will be discarded for mail merge purposes.  If you need a double quote in a field use 2 double quotes in a row.  Fields can contain line breaks if desired.

Tip: If you have your mailing list in Excel or another spreadsheet, save it as a "CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)" or "Text (Tab Delimited) (*.txt)" file to create your mailing list.

The maximum supported length of any single line in your mailing list is 511 characters.

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