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How eAnnouncer Works

Using eAnnouncer is very simple.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Start Outlook and create a new mail message.
  2. When you're done composing the message, click eAnnouncer's "Announce" button:
    (Click here for help finding the "Announce" button in different Outlook versions)

Outlook Announce button

  1. Once you click the "Announce" button you will see the following dialog.  Use the "Browse..." button to select your mailing list.  If you'd like to preview or edit the mailing list before sending, select the "Open..." button.

eAnnouncer announcement dialog

  1. Press the "Send" button to create and send all of your emails, one per recipient in your mailing list.  As the emails are being created and sent you will see the status as shown in the following picture:

eAnnouncer progress dialog

In the above example the mailing list contains 369 emails, and the 166th email is currently being sent.  There is an estimated time remaining of 5 seconds.  That's it, you're mail messages have been created, mail merged, and sent.

Program Options:
You can adjust various eAnnouncer options by pressing the "Options..." button.  This displays the Options dialog:

eAnnouncer options dialog

Pause X Second(s) Between E-Mails Use this option to create a delay between each e-mail that is sent.  To send at the fastest rate, set this to 0.  This option can be useful when using your ISP's SMTP server.  Many ISPs limit the number of emails that can be sent within a given time period.  With this option you can control the rate at which you send.
Do Send/Receive Every X E-Mails Use this option to have eAnnouncer do a Send/Receive after each specified number of e-mails.  The e-mails are created and placed in the Outbox until they are sent.
Save Original Message Set this to save a copy of the original message in the Drafts folder.  If this option is off, your original message will be deleted.

Log Files:
eAnnouncer creates log files when it runs, so you can monitor and track exactly what has been sent.  From within the Options dialog choose the "Logs..." button to see the Logs dialog:

eAnnouncer Log Files

Job History A brief summary of all jobs you've run.
Last Job Log Shows the details of the most recent job.
Last Job Sent List List of all the emails that were successfully sent in the most recent job.  The list is formatted the same as your original mailing list.

For more information, read about the benefits of using eAnnouncer, or visit our frequently asked questions and answers page.

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